Loft Conversion - Woodford

View our recently completed loft conversion in Woodford

  • Worked diligently to match roof tiles with the existing ones, preserving the special character of the property.
  • Ensured the dormer remained unseen from the property’s front elevation.
  • Collaborated closely with the council and building control to raise the ridge for adequate head height while maintaining the roof’s character.
  • Successfully created extra space and an additional bathroom to accommodate a family of five.
  • Negotiated with building control to install a larger Velux window than initially planned, resulting in a brighter and more airy loft space.
  • Enhanced Natural Lighting
  • Increased Functionality
  • Preserved Architectural Integrity

The Outcome

In this project, Lanext Construction successfully delivered a loft conversion that significantly increased the functionality of the home. Catering to the needs of a family of five, we added extra space and a new bathroom, enhancing the home's usability. A key feature of the project was the installation of a larger Velux window, which resulted in a brighter and more airy loft space, improving the overall ambiance and comfort of the home. Importantly, we preserved the architectural integrity and special character of the property by diligently matching the new roof tiles with the existing ones and ensuring the dormer remained unseen from the front elevation.

“We are thrilled with our loft conversion. George and his team were exceptional, balancing our need for extra space with preserving the character of our home. The larger Velux window they installed has transformed the loft into a bright and inviting space. Their attention to detail, like matching the new roof tiles with the existing ones, was impressive. We highly recommend George and his team for any home extension project.”


What we delivered