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Chosen demolition contractors when you need to knock down a structure safely and professionally.


    Are carried out to a high standard, preparing land for future development.

    Whether you are seeking an entire building’s demolition or simply have an interior demolition project you would like to be undertaken by professionals, the team at Lanext Construction is on hand. We have a great deal of experience in all types of demolition work including bungalows, two-storey dwellings and commercial properties, as well. If you need a structure taken down because it is old or in the way of where you want to build a new home, then our demolition team has all of the skills you will need to have the work carried out efficiently.

    Feel free to contact us to find out more about our demolition services and how we can tailor them to meet your specific requirements. Whether you have part of the building you’d like to save or need to maintain a facade while demolishing the rest of the structure, our experts are on hand to offer professional guidance at every stage.


    We have the experience as demolition contractors that will make a substantial difference to the end result.

    If you are knocking something down to start again, then it is important that no mistakes are made during the demolition phase. If so, it could delay the start of your ensuing construction work or even cause problems while the new building is going up. That’s why it is so important to turn to professional demolition contractors, like Lanext Construction. With our team managing the demolition phase for you, it can save time and money in the long run.

    • London
    • Essex
    • Surrey
    • Hertfordshire
    • Hampshire

    Whether you want an old bungalow knocked down so you can build a bigger home or you’re a commercial developer who needs trusted demolition contractors, we’re on hand to help.

    We work with professional property developers and homeowners to help them achieve the results they’re looking for. We can deal with all sorts of materials when demolishing old buildings and will always recycle as many elements as we can while a demolition project is underway. As a responsible firm, we’ll manage noise and dust as effectively as possible given the site conditions, thereby allowing our clients complete confidence in our demolition services from start to finish.

    As demolition contractors, Lanext Construction can deal with every aspect of levelling old structures that minimise impacts on the local environment.


    For your demolition project

    Considerate Processes

    We’ll work in a considerate way at all times.

    •  Keep noise to a minimum
    • Removal of debris
    • Hazardous waste handled professionally
    • Work within agreed boundaries
    • Regulatory compliance

    Tailored To You

    We tailor our services to meet commercial piorities.

    •  Knocking down part or whole structures
    • Demolition of outbuildings
    • Wood, concrete and bricks structures demolished
    • Individual quotations
    • Large and small jobs undertaken

    Safety Top Priority

    We’ll ensure site safety is maintained

    • PPE issued to site workers
    • Care taken around gas
    • Professional wrecking tools
    • Electrical installations dismantled
    • Great safety record

    If you are looking for reliable demolition contractors, then please feel free to review some of our past projects and judge for yourself the quality of our demolition services.


    Commonly asked questions

    Do you recycle materials?

    Yes, we are an eco-conscious company so any materials we demolish that can be repurposed will be recycled in some way. This includes old wiring, windows and even bricks, where possible.

    Are risk assessments needed for demolition work?

    Yes, demolition work is potentially hazardous which is why turning to Lanext for professional risk assessments and a safe way of working is a good idea.

    How long does it take to demolish a building?

    This will depend on the size of the building and whether hand or mechanical demolition is possible, something that typically comes down to the proximity of neighbours.

    When are professional demolition services advisable?

    Unless you have direct experience in demolition work, turning to professional demolition contractors is always worth it, even for relatively small projects like outbuildings.