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1930s House Renovation


Renovation & Refurbishment Services.

Embracing the opportunity to transform a 1930s property allows you to preserve and enhance its historical charm. Lanext Construction specialises in 1930s house renovation, ensuring that your home retains its unique character while adapting to modern living standards.


Construction Partner.

We offer a diverse range of services to rejuvenate your property, including home extensions, roofing, loft extensions, renovation and refurb, and demolition. Our unwavering commitment to quality and customer satisfaction distinguishes us as the preferred choice for homeowners and businesses.

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1930s Home.

Recognising the individuality of each 1930s home, Lanext Construction provides personalised services that cater to your distinct requirements. Our meticulous approach ensures that your renovation project upholds the highest standards while accentuating the unique charm and allure of your property.

Our close collaboration with leading architects and quantity surveyors allows us to deliver bespoke design and build solutions.


For your Victorian house renovation.

Timeless Charm Meets Modern Living

  • Sympathetic restoration of period features and architectural details
  • Integration of modern amenities and energy-efficient solutions
  • Expertly blending traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design
  • Space optimisation for enhanced functionality and comfort
  • Tailored interior design concepts that celebrate the property’s heritage

Comprehensive Renovation Services

  • Structural alterations and extensions to maximise living space
  • Interior refurbishment and decoration, reflecting your personal style
  • Roofing and facade restoration, preserving the property’s visual appeal
  • Plumbing and electrical system upgrades, ensuring safety and efficiency
  • Landscape design and outdoor improvements to elevate curb appeal

Preserving History, Enhancing Functionality

  • Meticulous attention to the property’s unique features and character
  • Collaborative approach with homeowners to achieve desired outcomes
  • Sourcing period-appropriate materials for authentic restoration
  • Utilising innovative techniques to preserve the structural integrity
  • Expert guidance on planning permissions and conservation regulations

Specialised Expertise in Victorian, Georgian, and 1930s Home Renovation and Refurbishment

Our skilled team, with years of industry experience, has honed their expertise in renovating and refurbishing Victorian, Georgian, and 1930s homes. We pride ourselves on preserving and enhancing the historical charm of these properties while integrating modern conveniences and energy-efficient solutions.

Reasons to Choose Lanext for Your 1930s House Renovation

When you select Lanext Construction for your 1930s house renovation, you can expect:

  • A professional and dedicated team committed to excellence
  • A diverse range of services to meet your renovation needs
  • Personalised solutions that respect the unique character of your property
  • Collaborations with industry-leading architects and quantity surveyors for seamless project execution.

As an experienced design and build construction company, here at Lanext, we have numerous examples of our past projects. Take a look at the standard of our design work as the results speak for themselves.

Ready to Breathe New Life into Your 1930s Home? Contact Us Today

Begin the journey to revitalise your 1930s home by reaching out to Lanext Construction. Our dedicated team of professionals are eager to discuss your renovation project and provide expert guidance, ensuring your home reaches its full potential while maintaining its historical charm. We are also well-equipped to assist with Victorian and Georgian home renovations, offering our specialised expertise for these architectural styles as well. Contact us today to learn more about our services.


Commonly asked questions

How long does a typical 1930s house renovation take?

Renovation timelines vary depending on the project’s scope and the property’s specific requirements. We provide a detailed project schedule and work diligently to ensure timely completion while maintaining our high-quality standards.

How much does a 1930s house renovation cost?

The cost of a renovation project depends on factors such as property size, the extent of work required, and materials used. We offer transparent, detailed quotes tailored to your unique project specifications.

Can you maintain the original features of my 1930s home during renovation?

Absolutely! Our priority is to preserve and enhance the original features of your 1930s home. We collaborate with you to identify key elements for retention and restoration, creating a harmonious blend of old and new.

Are there any common issues to be aware of when renovating a 1930s house?

Older properties may present issues such as outdated wiring, plumbing, and insulation. Our experienced team will thoroughly assess your home and provide expert guidance on the best solutions, ensuring a safe and efficient renovation.