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For roofing contractors you can rely on for both planned work and emergency repairs.


    Are delivered by fully trained professionals who are well-versed in all types of roofs.

    As a professionally managed roofing services contractor, Lanext Construction is here to offer impartial assessments of the state of all sorts of roofs including gable roofs, dormer roofs and mansard roofs, among others. Our expertise in roofing work covers all types of roofing materials, too, from breathable membranes to concrete tiles.

    If you have solar panels or air-conditioning units fitted to your roof, then please note that we can work around these sorts of items to conduct roof repairs and replace roofs fully. We install new roofs quickly and efficiently, replacing any flashing that will be needed to ensure your property remains watertight for many years to come. Feel free to contact us if you are a main contractor and need a roofing specialist or if you are an owner-occupier who needs an honest assessment about what to do with their roof.


    Ask Lanext Construction to quote for any type of roofing work, large or small.

    As roofers, we can deal with all sorts of properties and roofs that are in need of repair. This includes residential addresses throughout much of the Southeast region and London plus a considerable amount of experience with non-domestic roofs. For example, we can repair office roofs, warehouse roofs and factory roofs, where necessary. We can also help with a range of public buildings, including fixing school, library, hospital and council roofs, for instance. Just call us to find out how we can help with any roof which you are responsible for maintaining.

    • London
    • Essex
    • Surrey
    • Hertfordshire
    • Hampshire

    For all types of roofs including pitched roofs, flat roofs, dormer roofs and much more besides.

    Whether you have a slate roof, a concrete-tiled roof, a flat roof with a fibreglass structure or a waterproof membrane or anything else, we have the specialist know-how to conduct assessments, repairs and full roof replacements. Whether you are a homeowner or a residential landlord, we are on hand to provide expert roofing services to all types of houses including bungalows, townhouses and converted houses that are now split up into flats.

    Here at Lanext Construction, we are a reliable roofing company that carries out work to a very high standard.


    As your chosen roofing contractors.

    Sustainable Materials

    We offer eco-conscious roofing services.

    • Sustainable roof joists
    • UK GBC members
    • Low carbon building methods
    • Eco materials
    • Thermal insulation

    Tailored To You

    Our work will match your needs exactly.

    • Complete or partial roof replacements
    • Joists and purlins
    • Flat roof extensions
    • Preventative maintenance
    • Flashing and guttering

    All Roofs Covered

    We deal with all the roof types found in the UK.

    • Tiled roof repairs
    • Replacement gable roofs
    • Mansard roof maintenance
    • Gambrel roof construction
    • Hip roof work undertaken

    Whether you need an emergency roof repair, a roofing company that can fit a new roof , we’d recommend reviewing some of our past roofing projects.


    Commonly asked questions

    Can you replace rotting roofing joists?

    Yes, we can. We are a construction firm as well as operating as a roofing contractor. Therefore, replacing any structural elements of your roof won’t cause a problem for us.

    What are the benefits of flat roofs?

    Generally speaking, flat roofs are less expensive to construct than pitched ones. You do have to consider water run-off, however.

    What about my gutters? Can you repair them?

    Yes, upgrading your guttering while the roof is being repaired or replaced is a good idea to ensure your home doesn’t go on to suffer from issues like rising damp.

    When should my roof be replaced?

    If water is getting in or your loft smells musty, then this is a tell-tale sign you need work carried out to prevent further damage. Most roofing products will only last 25 years or so. If your roof is older than that, then it is probably time to contact us for an impartial, professional assessment.