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Victorian House Renovation


Victorian House Renovation.

Victorian houses, with their timeless charm and architectural elegance, have captivated the hearts of many homeowners. These historical gems, however, often require expert care to preserve their unique character while ensuring modern functionality. Lanext Construction, a full-package construction company, is dedicated to offering bespoke services that bring your Victorian house renovation dreams to life while maintaining their historic essence.


Victorian Home.

Lanext Construction’s diverse range of services caters to all your Victorian house renovation needs. From home extensions, loft conversions, to demolition projects, our team of experienced professionals combines expertise and dedication to deliver exceptional results. We guarantee your renovation project will be completed with the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship, enhancing your Victorian home’s appeal while meeting modern living standards.

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  • Essex
  • Surrey
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Victorian Homes.

Our architectural partner helps us to create bespoke designs that seamlessly blend traditional elements with contemporary style. We pay meticulous attention to detail, preserving original features such as cornices, fireplaces, and sash windows while incorporating modern amenities and technologies to enhance the functionality of your Georgian home. Whether you desire a spacious open-plan living area or a luxurious master suite, our architect will develop a solution that complements the character of your property and enriches your lifestyle.

Lanext Construction’s Victorian House Renovation & Refurbishment services provide a tailored approach to your unique requirements, delivering a seamless experience through a single point of contact and streamlined project management processes.


For your Victorian house renovation.

Preserving Historical Charm with Modern Comfort

  • Sympathetic restoration of original features
  • Seamless integration of modern amenities
  • Period-appropriate materials and finishes
  • Expert guidance on layout and design
  • Attention to detail in craftsmanship and quality

Comprehensive Services for Victorian Home Renovations

  • Structural alterations and extensions
  • Interior refurbishment and decoration
  • Roofing and facade restoration
  • Plumbing and electrical system upgrades
  • Landscape design and outdoor improvements

Collaborative Design and Build Approach

  • Partnering with architects and quantity surveyors
  • Customised solutions tailored to your vision
  • Streamlined communication and project management
  • Adherence to building regulations and preservation guidelines
  • Ensuring a seamless experience from concept to completion

Collaborative Approach with Architects and Quantity Surveyors

At Lanext Construction, we understand the importance of collaboration in achieving the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality. That’s why we partner with architects and quantity surveyors to offer a full package design and build service. Together, we work to create a seamless experience from concept to completion, ensuring that your Victorian house renovation is tailored to your vision and requirements while adhering to building regulations and preserving historical character.

Why Choose Lanext Construction for Your Victorian House Renovation

Entrusting your Victorian house renovation to Lanext Construction offers numerous benefits. As a full-package construction company, we possess extensive expertise in restoring and preserving the unique character of Victorian homes. Our comprehensive range of construction services is tailored to meet your needs, ensuring that every aspect of your renovation project aligns with your vision. Our bespoke solutions are designed to achieve your desired outcome while maintaining architectural integrity. Furthermore, our collaborative approach with architects and quantity surveyors guarantees a cohesive and well-executed renovation plan, with a strong emphasis on quality craftsmanship and attention to detail.


As an experienced design and build construction company, here at Lanext, we have numerous examples of our past projects. Take a look at the standard of our design work as the results speak for themselves.

Get Started with Lanext Construction

Transform your Victorian home into a stunning blend of historical elegance and contemporary comfort. Contact Lanext Construction today to discuss your renovation project and discover the difference our professional expertise, bespoke solutions, and collaborative approach can make.


Commonly asked questions

How can I incorporate energy-efficient features into my Victorian house renovation without compromising its historic character?

Select energy-efficient solutions, such as insulating walls and floors, using double-glazed windows, and installing high-efficiency heating systems that can be discreetly integrated.

What are some key considerations for updating a Victorian home's layout while maintaining its character?

Balance modern living needs with the preservation of original features, and consult with professionals to ensure a thoughtful layout that respects the home’s architectural style.

What should I consider when planning a Victorian house renovation project?

Budget, desired improvements, and preservation of original features.

How long does a typical Victorian house renovation take?

Depending on the project scope, it can range from a few months to over a year.