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Londons Top Choice for Exceptional Architectural Drawings


    Architectural Drawings & Plans

    Architect drawings are the foundation of any successful construction project. They provide a visual representation of the proposed design, ensuring that the structure is both functional and aesthetically appealing. With precise architectural plans and sketching, you can avoid costly mistakes, streamline the construction process, and achieve the ideal outcome for your new home. At Lanext Construction, our experienced team of architects and designers are committed to transforming your vision into a reality.


    with Architectural Plan and Sketching Process

    Our architectural services begin with a detailed consultation to understand your unique requirements and preferences. This crucial first step allows us to create customised drawings tailored to your needs. Our team of experts then utilises advanced technology and design software to produce precise, high-quality architect drawings. This comprehensive approach ensures that every aspect of your project – from structural integrity to aesthetics – is meticulously considered and executed, resulting in a seamless construction experience.

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    Architectural Services.

    By partnering with both quantity surveyors, and structural engineers, Lanext Construction offers a comprehensive solution for new home builds, streamlining the process and eliminating the need to engage multiple companies. Our integrated approach allows for seamless communication and coordination among team members, resulting in efficient project management and a hassle-free experience for our clients. We manage every aspect of your new build project, from planning and design to construction, ensuring a smooth and timely completion of your dream home.

    Transforming Visions into Reality With Exceptional Architectural Drawings


    For Your Architect Drawings.

    Innovative Design

    Crafting Spaces that Inspire and Delight

    • Bespoke solutions
    • Functionality meets aesthetics
    • Tailored to client’s needs
    • Sustainable design principles
    • Collaborative design process

    Seamless Collaboration

    Transforming Ideas into Masterpieces

    • Open communication
    • Client-focused approach
    • Expert guidance
    • Transparent process
    • Innovative problem-solving

    Sustainable Excellence

    Eco-friendly Architectural Drawings for a Greener Future

    • Energy-efficient designs
    • Environmentally responsible materials
    • Biophilic elements
    • Adaptive reuse strategies
    • Green certifications & standards

    For Your Architect Drawings.

    Choosing Lanext Construction for your architect drawings and construction needs provides you with a distinct advantage. Our professional, high-end approach ensures that every project is completed to the highest standards, while our collaboration with quantity surveyors and structural engineers enables us to offer an all-inclusive construction solution. With Lanext Construction, you can be confident that your new home will be expertly designed, structurally sound, and visually stunning.


    Please feel free to browse some of our recent loft conversion projects to familiarise yourself with the quality and scope of our work.

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    Embarking on a new construction project is an exciting and important step. Trust Lanext Construction to deliver exceptional architect drawings and a comprehensive range of architectural services tailored to your needs. Get started on your dream home by reaching out to our team of experienced professionals today.


    Commonly asked questions

    How long does it take to create architect drawings?

    The timeline for creating architect drawings varies depending on the complexity and size of the project. Our team works diligently to ensure that all drawings are completed in a timely manner, without compromising on quality and precision.

    What type of software do you use for architectural sketching?

    Our team uses a range of advanced design software and tools to create accurate and detailed architectural plans and sketches, ensuring that your project is meticulously executed.

    Do I need planning permission for my project?

    Planning permission requirements vary depending on the location and scope of the project. Our team will assist you in determining whether you need planning permission and guide you through the necessary steps to obtain it if required.

    Can you manage the entire construction process from start to finish?

    Yes, at Lanext Construction, we offer comprehensive construction services, including architectural design, quantity surveying, and structural engineering. Our team is committed to providing seamless coordination and exceptional service throughout the entire project. Additionally, we provide a dedicated project manager to ensure that your project runs smoothly and stays on schedule.